Enriching Heritage Fairs

Seven Steps to a Powerful Heritage Fair Project

Seven Steps is a teacher’s guide for Heritage Fairs and inquiry-based learning in general. It offers suggestions and resources to help students choose and refine a topic of personal and historical significance, dig deeply and critically into that topic, connect their findings with broader themes, and creatively share their conclusions in a public forum

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Professional Development Workshops

A joint initiative of the BCHFS and The Critical Thinking Consortium, these workshops offer new teaching resources that support implementation of the new social studies curriculum and Heritage Fairs or any history inquiry. Available as 60 or 90 minute online or face-to-face sessions, the workshops are presented at no charge (travel costs not included) for teachers, museum staff and other educators in British Columbia.

Tips for


There are three workshops that interested groups can request: Making history meaningful through historical thinking, Exploring resources that support students in historical inquiry projects, and Using big ideas to make history relevant. All of these are suitable for educators of grade 4 and above.

Read more at Workshop Descriptions.  

Contact provincial coordinator Jane Watt at kjwatt@telus.net for more information.

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Videos on Historical Thinking Concepts

 The following videos from the Critical Thinking Consortium introduce the historical thinking concepts to students. Suitable for grades 7 to 12.